Soft-Blast is the home of JKSimBlast, the premier software system for blast design and analysis in Surface, Underground and Tunnel operations. With over 750 users in 60 countries, JKSimBlast is used in a wide range of mining, research and teaching applications by miners, explosives suppliers, contractors, consultants and universities.

JKSimBlast v3

JKSimBlast v3 is currently under development as a single program that will ultimately combine the functions of v2 in a full 3D environment, compatible with v2 data files. The first release of v3 is available now. Contact Soft-Blast or your local agent for details.

JKSimBlast v2 consists of
  • three stand-alone programs for design and analysis of bench, ring and face blasts – 2DBench, 2DRing, 2DFace
  • two auxiliary programs for extended analysis of blast data – 2DView, TimeHEx
  • a separate program for management of blasts and related files – JKBMS

Soft-Blast and its agents can also provide technical support and training.

Soft-Blast is the Australasian distributor of Split-Desktop® software for fragmentation size determination. Version 4 is now available.

2DBench 2DRing 2DFace JKBMS

* Blast Design, Analysis and Management *
JKSimBlast is a comprehensive suite of programs for blast design and analysis.
It is available as individual stand-alone modules or packages.
Split Desktop®
* Digital Fragmentation Measurement *
Split–Desktop® is a program to analyse digital images acquired in the field.
Measure the size distribution of fragmented rock at any stage in the comminution process.