Split Desktop®

Split–Desktop® analyses digital images to determine the size distribution of fragmented rock at any stage in the comminution process.

Version 4.0 now available! Now safer, faster and easier to use than ever!

The new Split Camera smart device App can acquire muckpile images without the need for scale objects in the scene. Images acquired using the App for the auto–scale feature are compatible with Version 4.

The images can be a muck pile, haul truck, leach pile, draw point, waste dump, stockpile, conveyor belt, or any other location where clear images of rock fragments can be obtained. Split-Desktop accepts both digital still and video images for analysis.

The resulting size distributions are plotted in various formats: linear-linear, log-linear, log-log, and Rosin-Rammler. The size distribution results can be stored in a tab-delimited file for spreadsheets and plotting programs. In addition, Split–Desktop® automatically generates results reports in HTML.

For more information, go to the Split Engineering web site or contact Soft–Blast.

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What's new in version 4?