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JKSimBlast v3


Information Brochure.




* blast design, analysis and management *

JKSimBlast is a comprehensive software package for blasting in mines and similar operations. It is available as separate stand-alone modules and three packages.

  2DBench   - surface blast design and analysis
  2DRing   - underground blast design and analysis
  2DFace   - tunnel blast design and analysis
  JKBMS   - blast management system
  2DView   - extended blast analysis
  TimeHEx   - extended timing analysis
  Surface   - 2DBench, JKBMS, 2DView, TimeHEx
  Underground   - 2DRing, JKBMS, 2DView, TimeHEx
  Tunnelling   - 2DFace, JKBMS, 2DView, TimeHEx

With JKSimBlast you can
  • draw or import excavation outlines (benches, drives, boundaries, etc)
  • drill blast holes, single or patterns, or import designed or surveyed holes
  • load decks of explosives, stemming or any other material
  • insert downhole and surface delays
  • simulate the detonation sequence on screen
  • analyse energy and timing effects, contour blast hole data
  • print tables and scale plans
  • link blasts to related data (reports, spreadsheets, photos, etc)
  • organise / search / filter blast data by mine, area, domain, rock type, blast type or any other criteria
  • For more information, go to the JKSimBlast pages or contact one of the agents.

    For information on Support and Maintenance, go to Support.  



    * basic surface blast design *

    JKBench is a scaled-down version of 2DBench. It has been recently upgraded (January 2008), is now fully compatible with 2DBench and is available in two versions. The primary version has the same basic features for hole layout, charging, timing, simple analyses and reporting as in 2DBench, and shares the same databases for storage and explosives & accessories. The extended version adds the design tools for electronic delays. Both versions can be upgraded to the full version of 2DBench at any time.

    For more information, go to the 2DBench pages or contact one of the agents.  



    Split-Desktop is a program to analyse digital images acquired in the field and determine the size distribution of your fragmented rock at any stage in the comminution process.

    The source of these images can be a muck pile, haul truck, leach pile, draw point, waste dump, stockpile, conveyor belt, or any other situation where clear images of rock fragments can be obtained. Split-Desktop accepts both digital still and video images for analysis.

    click to enlarge

    Split-Desktop plots the resulting size distributions in various formats (linear-linear, log-linear, log-log, and Rosin-Rammler). The size distribution results can be stored in a tab-delineated file for use in spreadsheet and plotting programs. In addition, Split-Desktop automatically generates results reports in HTML.

    For more information, go to the Split-Desktop pages, the Split Engineering web site or contact Soft-Blast.  

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