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All purchases of JKSimBlast and its modules include one year of support and maintenance after the purchase date. JKBench includes 60 days of support and maintenance after the purchase date.

If you encounter a problem using JKSimBlast, please contact Soft-Blast with a description of the problem, including your dongle number. See the Contact page for details.

If you are having problems with installation, there are instructions and test procedures available on the Installation page.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance can be purchased for an annual fee, either from July 1 to June 30, or January 1 to December 31, each year (plus an adjustment for the first period). The current fee is 15% of the retail price for each component or package. Discounts apply for multiple licenses of the same package or module.

Support and Maintenance includes:

Technical Support means assistance with user problems and application of the software. Most of these can be solved immediately over the telephone, but some require investigation of the problem. Almost all are answered within 24 hours.

Software Maintenance helps to keep you up to date with the latest versions. This comes in two forms: updates and upgrades. An update is an improvement or modification to the current version of the software, usually to correct a fault or to improve or extend an existing feature. An upgrade is where major new features have been added, resulting in a new version of the program. All updates are distributed free to current S&M users, either by email or CD. An upgrade CD is sent to all support and maintenance users at the end of the year. Upgrades can be purchased directly by any user, but S&M users receive a discounted price.

Stocks Database Many users change their stocks (explosives, detonators, accessories, etc) but do not update their stocks database to suit. To facilitate this, we provide a spreadsheet for users to enter the properties of their stock items. The user sends the spreadsheet to us, and we convert it into a stocks database for any of the design modules or the BMS. You get one free database provided per year - any additional updates will cost $100 each.

Training fees are discounted by 25%, on the daily rate, for all training provided by Soft-Blast. Additional expenses are charged at cost. Contact Soft-Blast for details.  

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